This page contains the instrumental parts for the new tango-infused opera Tango of the White Gardenia as well as video resources that demonstrate the special instrumental techniques that appear in the score with an asterisk (*). For the full score, audio/video mockups of the entire piece, and tons of additional tango multimedia, please visit the main page at and enter the password “TWG.”



NOTE: These parts were upated on July 7, 2017. If you had already printed parts before July 7, please contact me and I’ll send you only the pages that changed (scenes 11a and 19).

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NOTE: Bass part is written for an instrument with a C extension, but the part will work perfectly well with C extension register played up an octave.

Tango Technique Videos

Note that several of these videos are part of the “Tango Sin Fin” methods book series, which are an excellent resource and absolutely essential to a complete understanding of instrumental technique in tango. They can be purchased HERE (NOTE the books are bilingual and an English version of the site is available here.)

Let’s do all we can to promote these extraordinary method books by Maestros Hernan Posetti and Ramiro Gallo.


(with golpe)

Al tallone



Golpe de caja






Triplet Pizzicato

Demonstration of Chicharra y Latigo by Piazzolla’s own legendary violinist

The all-important Arrastre

(This video shows both the Arrastre on beat 4 and the standard tango “marcato” articulation on beats 1-3)



“Sincopa a tierra”
(very typical figuration used throughout the opera on all instruments comprising an arrastre onto the downbeat, a strong downbeat, a rebound/echo on the offbeat of 1, and a lighter beat 3)

Percussive bass pizz

Typical “Marcato” accompanimental figure in piano with gliss and typical closing cadence

Other helpful resources – A bilingual web encyclopedia of history, essays, scores, and recordings has an article summarizing tango techniques for string instruments

Objective Tango has a facebook page with hundreds of stunning live tango performances

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